Wanted: Young people with novel ideas for food research. Offering: big-money prize


Earlier this year, a report was circulating from desk to desk in the White House. This document [PDF], from the President’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology, suggested that the United States was not prepared for the agricultural problems of the future: climate change, new pests, environmental degradation, and poor nutrition.

Our Nation’s agricultural research enterprise is not prepared to meet the challenges that U.S. agriculture faces in the 21st century for two major reasons. First, PCAST finds that the proportion of Federal funding for agricultural research allocated through competitive mechanisms is far below the proportion in other agencies, which fails to adequately encourage innovation. Second, PCAST finds that the current agricultural research portfolio is not optimally balanced; it overlaps with private sector activities in several significant areas, while underfunding other important areas that are not addressed through private efforts.

In other words, we should be investing more money…

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4 Responses to Wanted: Young people with novel ideas for food research. Offering: big-money prize

  1. Tammy says:

    I went online and looked and there are quite a lot of readers who have taken this negatively because of the student focus. It’s important to note that these are collaborative projects and while they are student focused, they can incorporate a lot of people who are not students. At any rate, love that there is an incentive to work on this type of thing.

    • lorrainemt says:

      I so agree with you that there is an incentive for students to look at the big picture and bring their new ideas. They are always the future and if it lights their hearts on fire, that is a blessing for all of us and the planet.

  2. jasmine says:

    I really like your blog. keep on writing,it is so inspiring.

  3. jscreasy says:

    Love your blog, Lorianne. As a fellow VHer, I would love to network with you. Can you send me your email to connect at jcreasy@gmail.com? Thank you!

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