After the march–now what?

P1030530It was a fabulous march here in Portland, Oregon, well attended by about 6,ooo people.  Millions more marched all over the country and world raising awareness of the greed and destruction that Monsanto is forcing upon the world.  It was encouraging to see how many of us are truly concerned and ready to act.

But now after the march, what can we do?  Here are two things that can make a huge impact on taking back our food system:

1) avoid buying processed food.  70% of food in grocery stores contain GMOs.  Buy sustainably grown local food if possible.  Buy organic.  Or grow your own.  If none of those are possible, avoid food that is processed by buying more single ingredient foods like fresh fruits and vegetables and beans and rice, etc.

2) share your knowledge with everyone you know…and don’t know!  Knowledge is power, and the tide will turn as more and more people demand real food.  Just recently, the fast food restaurant, Chipotle, has offered up its ingredient list and is trying to swap out GMO ingredients like soy oil with non-GMO ingredients.     

If we let the food industry know that we won’t buy genetically modified food, they will be forced to change.  And if there is no market for GMOs, Monsanto’s grip will be broken.

Let’s act now to reclaim our food system.  We can do it!

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4 Responses to After the march–now what?

  1. skthomas09 says:

    Good for Chipotle! Now if they’d just use less onion in their guacamole…

  2. Tammy says:

    I’m also really happy that Chipotle is coming around. My kid’s love that place! We had a pretty good turn-out too but one thing I noticed is that we looked like a troupe of left-handed vegetarians. We need to find some sensible folks across the aisle too and get them to come out with us.

    • lorrainemt says:

      A troupe of left-handed vegetarians–love it! But I think more and more people from all across the spectrum are wising up to what’s in our food and demanding better. So glad you could get out and march.

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