March Against Monsanto, May 25th; find a march near you

Do you know that most conventionally grown processed food we buy in the grocery store contains genetically modified ingredients?

If you don’t know, it’s because the biotech giant, Monsanto, isn’t required to label their GMOs.  And not only are they not required to label their GMOs, but they are apparently above the law when it comes to being able to sell their products with no testing and absolutely no oversight in the US.  In Europe and many other countries, GMOs are banned or limited.

Do you know that genetically modified organisms have not been tested for side effects?  We are the guinea pigs in this huge experiment that only enriches the company that produced Agent Orange, the herbicide Round Up, DDTs, PCBs, as well as GMOs.  Many studies show possible human and environmental side effects from genetically modified organisms.

If you don’t know, it’s because the FDA is protecting Monsanto, not the American people so there is no testing required before or after Monsanto rolls out their products.

Do you know that Monsanto is able to dictate its own laws to cement its monopoly of the food supply? Monsanto Rider Bill, GMO Labeling Bill Voted Down in Senate

If you don’t know, it’s because scores of our elected officials are former Monsanto employees including officials in the FDA and the Supreme Court.

Monsanto is taking over our food supply and poisoning our world purely for their own profit.  Let’s let our voices be heard!  The March Against Monsanto is being held across the country and across the world.  Find a march near you.  Let’s make sure our children and all the generations to come have access to untainted and diverse food.

Join me here to march in Portland, Oregon.  See you there!

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4 Responses to March Against Monsanto, May 25th; find a march near you

  1. Tammy says:

    Thanks – had no idea and will head out there with the kids.

  2. Vickie says:

    You betcha! Here in California Monsanto won the fight for GMO labeling by lying to the public! Long live real, unadulterated, nongenetically modified, organic food!

  3. lorrainemt says:

    Yeah, that was a tough fight. But the positive side is through that campaign a lot of people became aware of Monsanto and their nefarious practices. Now many of them are boycotting the corporations that spent money opposing the measure. Thanks for stopping by, Vickie, and good marching tomorrow!

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