Discover the Bounty of Winter Markets

Imagine a lively conversation about exotic varieties of dried beans and how to cook them with the farmer who grew them.  Add in a conversation with other customers about how to minimize bean distress with an extra cooking and rinse step or a recipe for how to cook a big pumpkin, and we find that we’re not just picking up food for dinner, but are forging a connection to the land, to the farmers, and to  our neighbors.   This is our community, one of our most valuable treasures that many of us overlook.  Let’s support our wonderful local farmers and find the freshest in-season produce available at the different markets in our area.  (Check my sidebar for local market info.)

Here are a few pictures from my shopping morning at the Hillsdale Farmers Market.

Leeks, red potatoes, kale, red onions from Gathering Together Farm.


Sweet potatoes and Zolfino and Dutch Bullet beans from Ayers Creek Farm.


Pears, Jonagold apples, and a beautiful pumpkin from Sun Gold Farm:













Heavenly smelling goat milk soap from Naked Acres Farm.


And several tasty vinegars from Blossom Vinegars, as well as carrots, arugula, and shitaake mushrooms.

Sun, new found friends, and a haul of beautiful food.  A great morning all around!


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5 Responses to Discover the Bounty of Winter Markets

  1. Wonderful to make this trip with you, Lorraine! In Massachusetts, our farmers’ market only ran from June to October, but here in England it runs all year (though less frequently). I really enjoy seeing what’s still available in the winter here: root vegetables, cheese, pork, trout, chickens, eggs, wine, and a cornucopia of baked goods. I will try and remember to take some photos sometime so you can see!

    • lorrainemt says:

      I would love to see pictures of your market, Amy! There is something so satisfying about being able to buy locally grown food all through the year. I feel very lucky living here in Oregon where so much grows even through the winter. England probably has a very similar climate–lots of rain and gray!

  2. Tammy says:

    Love market tours! Thanks for this.

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