Squash and Greens and Inspiration

Even though my husband and I love the huge and varied Portland Farmers’  Market, we often prefer to stay really local and bike over to the Cedar Mill Market.   An added incentive last Saturday was a stop on the way to tour a backyard transformed into a sustainable food producing mini farm.  It was part of the Dog Days of Summer Garden tour by the Metro Master Gardeners that featured backyard vegetable, fruit, and flower gardens.  After being inspired by the garden, greenhouse, and composting system, we headed over to the market.

Our first stop was the Galin-Flory farm stand where we filled our bike bags with yellow and zucchini squash and greens and cauliflower and carrots, oh, and did I mention lots of squash!












And though our bags were already feeling a bit heavy, we swung around the market to take in all the colors and sights of flowers and produce and other market items when we discovered a new stand, Bonny Slope Farm Market.

Farm partners, Craig and Brian, tend an acre just a couple miles away where they grow their pesticide-free vegetables and fruits.  We marveled at the baskets full of leafy greens, beets, and large and tiny squash with their bright yellow flowers still attached and talked with Craig and Brian who were happy to tell us a bit about their farm and what they are growing.  These young farmers are producing food right here in the metro area, tilling the land into a sustainable and productive farm rather than allowing it to be developed and paved over.  These small urban farms and backyards really are the future of a sustainable local food system.


When it was time to choose our vegetables, we decided on their variety basket, and since it was getting toward closing time, they filled our bike bags with extra greens and beets and squash with those beautiful flowers attached.  We biked home with our overstuffed bags and talked about how we would cook our vegetables that evening.  Simple, fresh, and delicious!

Come support these farmers and treat yourselves to food that is grown with care, just around the bend and up the road.  Oh, and just a heads up about the Bonny Slope Market Garden Stand–they may not be at the market for the next few Saturdays due to an impending new baby arrival!

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4 Responses to Squash and Greens and Inspiration

  1. Teresa Galin says:

    We love reading your posts!! Thank you so much for your support of our farm:)

  2. lorrainemt says:

    Teresa, it’s so nice to hear from you! We adore your beautiful produce and are so glad you have a stand at Cedar Mill. Thanks for stopping by the blog.

  3. Tammy says:

    Those squash blossoms are really amazing. I love to order them in a restaurant but don’t think I’ve ever seen them at our market. Did you cook them?

    • lorrainemt says:

      We just put them in the salad raw, but maybe next time we can cook them. But I’ve never done it so don’t have any good recipes. I’ve heard people batter fry them…mmmm.

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