Making the rounds–Portland Farmers Market

With our handy rolling cart and bin, my husband and I go to a different market every weekend.  We can’t seem to stick with one because we have so many different favorite stands.  But we sure do love the Portland Farmers Market, and last Saturday found us making our way through the throng.


Our first destination was Ancient Heritage Dairy for their fantastic cheese.   One of our favorite snacks is a plate of sheep cheese and French green olives accompanied by a nice glass of red wine.  Ahh, summer perfection!






And then there were strawberries!  We found these sweet beauties at Groundwork Organics.






We also added carrots, sweet peas, basil, kale, and lettuce to our rapidly filling cart.







One of my favorite places for grass fed meat is the Deck Family Farm stand.  This week we chose ground beef, pork chops, and goat sausages.   Everything we’ve bought here has been top quality, tender and tasty.   My teenage son is a huge fan of their meats and has proclaimed their pork chops the best!








I was having trouble shopping and handling my camera at the same time–I’m notoriously bad with multi-tasking, so that was the extent of taking photos that day.  But we also filled a huge bag of crimson rhubarb from Sungold Farms, bought a pound of raw hazelnuts from Freddy Guys Hazelnuts, and of course, couldn’t pass by Springwater Farms without nabbing a couple bags of shiitake mushrooms.  The last stop was to pick up a jar of wildflower honey from Raynblest Farm.  A taste of that is like standing in a sunny meadow, smelling all the flowers, and listening to the hum of bees collecting pollen.  And so we headed home with a bin full of locally grown, real food.  Truly wonderful!

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2 Responses to Making the rounds–Portland Farmers Market

  1. Melanie Davis says:


  2. lorrainemt says:

    Oh, I love when you stop by, Melanie! We sure are lucky to have so much good food available in our area. Do you go to the Tigard Market?

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