Corporations Are Not People

The race to keep genetically modified crops from taking over our farmland is heating up in Oregon and California.  In today’s Oregonian there is an article about farmers in Jackson County who are trying to pass an ordinance banning the planting of genetically modified plants like beets and corn.  Organic growers are concerned about their fields being contaminated by GM seed drift.  This should not be allowed to happen.  And then, unbelievably, there is the possibility of these farmers being sued by the very corporation that would pollute their fields.

For more understanding about the importance of keeping genetically modified plants out of our farmland, The Food Revolution Summit is rebroadcasting their interviews with GMO experts that include Jeffrey Smith (author of Seeds of Deception) and Vandana Shiva (author and founder of Navdanya.)

The huge bio tech corporations stand to make billions off their patented seeds that will alter our ability to grow our own food with unadulterated seed.  No one should be able to patent and control life, and seeds are the very basis of food and life.

Already Monsanto has threatened to sue other states like Vermont and Connecticut who have tried to pass labeling laws, and their politicians have caved to the threat .  When a corporation has that kind of power, it’s time to make changes.  And how do we do that when Monsanto can pour unlimited money into advertising, lobbyists, and political candidates?

If each one of us took an interest in what is happening to our government and food system, we the people can make huge changes.  But we have to make an effort to know what is going on and get involved.  Our very democracy depends on it.  Here are a few links to get started:

GMO Free Oregon

Move to Amend Portland

Beaverton Citizens for Fairness

Common Cause

Common Cause Oregon

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2 Responses to Corporations Are Not People

  1. muriel meray says:

    thumbs up…thanks for the info. and links!

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