Listening to the bees

Honey bees are simply amazing creatures.  In the eye opening film, Queen of the Sun; What Are the Bees Telling Us, we are reminded how essential bees are for pollinating crops and how our current farming system is contributing to the disappearing bee population.  So many of us have become removed from how beautifully nature works.  In their natural environment, bees pollinate a huge variety of plants, but in vast tracts of farmland that have been manipulated to produce only one crop, they are literally being starved and poisoned by pesticides and genetically modified seeds.

It’s interesting how so many of us are simply unaware of how important bees are.  We go into a store and buy our food and don’t give it a second thought.  For instance, I’m a big raw almond fan–they’re my favorite snack when I need a little energy.  So, I’ve been buying them at  Trader Joe’s for years.  But this film has opened my eyes to the practice of monocrops.  They showcased almond orchards as one of the crops where they have to truck in bee hives from all over the country to pollinate the trees.  This is a big business now–shrink wrap the hives, truck them across the country and sometimes across the ocean using huge amounts of fossil fuels just to introduce bees into an environment that has been reduced to one crop.  The bee colonies are weakened by this unnatural state and many die in transit.  They can’t possibly live in this environment, so they are trucked back out once the flowers have been pollinated.  This film really shows how unbelievably out of balance this type of farming has become.

But at its heart it’s an inspiring film.  I’m always amazed to see how many people are working to restore our land and food system.  I highly encourage you to watch this film and to rediscover our deep connection to the land and nature.  Please support your organic farmers, plant bee friendly plants instead of green lawns, and become aware of how your food has been grown.  The health of our planet and our bodies depend on it.

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6 Responses to Listening to the bees

  1. Lula Harp says:

    I need to see this film. Like you, trader joe’s raw almonds are a daily snack!

  2. lorrainemt says:

    It’s an amazing film in so many ways–I think you’ll enjoy it. As for the almonds, I hope to find a more sustainable source. I’ll let you know what I find!

  3. Justine says:

    Incredible. Thanks for sharing this! We go to visit a local farm with my son’s school every year, and they actually do a talk for the kids about bees as the foundation of farming … while I appreciated it, I never knew about the relationship to monocrops … now I’m even more appreciative!!

    Thanks, too, for stopping by … I love your blog!

    • lorrainemt says:

      Hi Justine, thanks for coming by my blog…and boosting my stats! 😉
      I’m so glad you get to visit a local farm with your son–kids are always so happy to discover farm life. And I hope you get a chance to see the movie–it really is quite amazing.

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