What about GMOs?

If you’re like me, you know you want to avoid genetically modified foods.  And that means just about any processed food containing any of the big crops like corn and soy.  You know big corporations are making billions by creating these genetically altered mono crops and at the same time wiping out seed diversity while putting small farmers out of business by suing them for being the victims of their cross contamination.  That’s right.   Suing them for being contaminated by unwanted GMOs.  It’s one of those situations that’s hard to believe.  But as has become very apparent, money equals political clout and that speaks loudly in this country.  And then, like me, you wonder if it means that organic crops will be compromised. Or what these GMOs will do to our health.  It’s an issue that’s so huge it’s hard to understand it all.

But knowledge is power, and becoming informed and aware of what’s happening to our farmland and food is incredibly important.  And to that end, on Feb. 14th Friends of Family Farmers is presenting an evening called GMO crops in Oregon–three perspectives.  Yes, it’s on Valentine’s Day.   No, I can’t think of a better Valentine to give to ourselves, to our communities, and to our planet than to become aware of what’s at stake.  And to speak out.  Our voices together can help change the tide of genetically engineered mono-crops taking over our food supply, and give the small farmer a chance to grow a diverse variety of sustainably grown food.

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