We are lucky to have so many choices of foods we can buy and feed ourselves, our families, and our children.  But to really make it a true choice, we have to become aware of what our choice means.  Over the years, most of us have given up our connection to the source of food, relying on the offerings of huge corporations that produce and distribute their products.  When we shop at a big store, we are offered a vast array of colorful products.  It’s really quite a sight, isn’t it?  We’ve become used to it and tend to choose the same food over and over that we’ve become comfortable with.  I’ve been a label reader for years, but suddenly it seems as though there’s much more behind what the label tells us.  What if we looked at each item anew?  What if we became really curious about how it was grown, how it was packaged, and how it was distributed?  What would we find out?

One of the most insidious hidden ingredients are GMOs.  Almost all of our soy crops are grown as GMOs, and since I’m sensitive to unfermented soy, I’ve noticed how many foods have soy in them.  And many other foods contain GMOs that are not required to be labeled.  And if it’s not labeled, most people don’t know what they’re really eating.  That’s not true choice.  So it’s up to us to become aware of what we’re buying.  Of course, the less prepared and packaged food we buy, the less we have to worry about deciphering the label.  And that brings me back to buying from our local farmers whenever possible.  Like this weekend at the farmers’ markets around the area.  Look for them on the list on my sidebar–I hope to see you there!

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