Buying local for a very merry holiday

In this month of darkness, we celebrate holidays that embrace light, love, wisdom, good cheer, and delicious foods.  We envision the perfect gifts for our dear ones.  But often, after starting the expedition to find them, reality hits.  The big stores and malls are packed with harried shoppers and cheap merchandise, most of it from China, and most of it packaged in plastic that needs a whole tool kit and two hours to open.  The days begin slipping away, and still the perfect gift remains elusive.

So we often end up buying a generic scarf or slippers or gift card just to have something to give.  Because giving is all about connection, and it feels wonderful to connect with our family, friends, and neighbors who make up the community around us.  And it’s right here in our community where we can can find gifts that are simpler, more unique, and more meaningful.  At the same time we support our local farmers and businesses, as well as minimizing the use of fossil fuels and packaging.   I’ve put together a list of food and food related gifts from local farms and businesses, but this is by no means comprehensive.  I’d love it if you added in your own favorite local gift ideas.

Give Portland-Local Artisan Gift Baskets

Portland Saturday Market

Guyot Family Farms–organic jellies, jams, syrups 

Olympic Provisions–salumeria

Ayers Creek Farm–preserves

Freddy Guys Filberts

Portland Pepper Sauce Company 

Jacobsen Salt Company

Bees & Beans –locally made small batch candy bars

Blossom Vinegars –the original fruited vinegars

Oregon Olive Mill at Red Ridge Farms

Food Shed

Powells Books: The Northwest Vegetarian Cookbook: 200 Recipes That Celebrate the Flavors of Oregon and Washington by Debra Daniels-Zeller

Annie Bloom’s Books –Eat.Shop Portland by Jon Hart and Kaie Wellman

Broadway Books –Dishing Up Oregon: 145 Recipes That Celebrate Farm-To-Table Flavors by Ashley Gartland and John Valls

Dinihanian’s Farm Market –wreaths, holiday centerpieces, holly


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