The Farm Bill–who does it really benefit?

As consumers, we can effect change through the way we choose to eat, whether we buy from local farmers, focus on eating less processed whole foods, grow our own food, or a combination of all these things.   But really, in this country, true change can’t happen unless we become aware of the real story behind the massive food subsidies the government hands out.  It’s a complicated issue, but it’s very clear that huge corporations are the ultimate beneficiaries of billions of dollars of government aid that comes directly from our pockets.  These corporations have only one interest, and that is profits.  I don’t think any of us want to fill their pockets with our hard-earned money.  Especially for the type of junk food they produce.  Can you imagine what fair food subsidies could accomplish?  They could help our struggling local farmers, find ways to help farms big and small become more sustainable, reduce the toxins and pollution that mega farms are currently generating, promote crop diversity–no need for GMO crops, and create a fair and nutritious food system for this country.  I don’t think that’s too much to ask.

So what can we do?  Let’s educate ourselves first so we can make this change happen.  Here is a fantastic piece from the Grist about the upcoming Farm Bill and includes two short informative videos, one from Michael Pollan, and the other from the advocacy group Food and Water Watch, that explain our current food system.

Let’s get informed and make this change happen!

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One Response to The Farm Bill–who does it really benefit?

  1. John Thomas says:

    Great post Lorraine. The Michael Pollan’s short video on the Grist site is spot on. It underscores the dangers of letting this bill get crafted behind closed doors by the big ag industry.

    I was also happy to discover “The Local Farms, Food, and Jobs Act” sponsored by Representative Chellie Pingree and Senator Sherrod Brown ( Unlike the Farm Bill, they post their bill on line for everyone to see. It’s encouraging to see some legislators are attempting to drive positive change in the food industry! Let’s contact Senators Merkley and Wyden and urge them to support.

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