Cheese heaven, and a Portland event: InFARMation (and beer!)

And what a beautiful day it was!  There was sun, music, wine, and cheese.  Lots of cheese.  A whole city block devoted to cheese!  For a small donation at the entrance, we were able to sample all sorts of cheeses ranging from the small–Portland Creamery, to the large–Tillamook Cheese.  I had a hard time not buying way more cheese than I could possibly eat.  Now, I’m partial to sheep cheese so I made a beeline to the Black Sheep Creamery.  I was greeted by Meg who enthusiastically started off my taste bud tour with their St. Helens cheese: a cheese I couldn’t quite believe existed–a sort of cross between two of my favorites, Manchego with just a hint of Raclette.   Meg continued to hand me samples of the rest of their wonderful selection, but truth be known, my heart was stuck on the St. Helens and that’s what I chose to buy.

From there, I meandered through the throng of  cheese lovers and found myself  at the Willamette Valley Cheese Company where I homed in on a plate of herb de provence Havarti.  A melt in the mouth soft cheese with a savory, but not overwhelming, herb seasoning; this was superb.  A hunk of that found its way into my bag to take home as well.

I have to admit I’m not a huge goat cheese lover–I know, I know, what a shame–but I couldn’t leave without tasting some samples, and there were many to choose from.  I found myself here at the Briar Rose Creamery–who could resist visiting their stand with a beautiful name like that?

And you know, they had me hooked with their Rosemary and Peppercorn Chevre.  Creamy and savory and just plain delicious.  I had to take some home!

I finally came to the point of being too full to eat another bite of cheese.  I wasn’t sure that was possible, but that just tells you how many samples were available.  So I stayed a bit longer to enjoy the music, talk with some friends, and bask in that rare October sun.  What could be better?  Well, now that I think about it, what about the 8th annual Oregon Cheese Festival in March?  It’s not in the Portland area, but it draws many more cheese makers from this area and farther afield.  Take a look:  8th annual Oregon Cheese Festival

And last but not least, here is an interesting event in Portland on Tuesday evening October 11th:  InFARMation (and beer!) 

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2 Responses to Cheese heaven, and a Portland event: InFARMation (and beer!)

  1. tracyworld says:

    No wonder you’re partial to sheep cheese…they had those cute little sheep as part of their display!

    (I forgot to tell you how much I love your header image, Lorraine. Perfect!)

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